ITIL CSI Certification Training

ITIL CSI Certification Training

ITIL CSI: The Perfect Way To Prepare for a Smart Future

ITIL CSI is the last level of the ITIL training and certification course. This course has been specifically tailored at helping the candidates identify the improvement opportunities in the service life of the IT products and services. The core aim of ITIL CSI final course is to make sure that identification of opportunities and ways for the improvement in the service ceiling can be integrated after considering all the phases or levels of the ITIL training course.

When candidates are taking up the ITIL CSI certification program, it will help them to understand the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the IT services that are delivered to the clients. Not just this, the candidates are also shown the technique to monitor and measure the performance of the IT services.

The benefit of the ITIL CSI certification is the organization can easily understand the aligning and re-aligning of different IT services for better organizational growth. Those who are taking up the ITIL CSI course will add on to the business value of their enterprise by assessing, analyzing and computing the effectiveness of the IT infrastructure, services and the business requirements by diverse verticals in the industry.

Upon successful integration with the IT model of the business, the candidates having the ITIL CSI certification can contribute directly to enhancing the existing IT service by improvement analysis and computation. At the same time, the trained and certified ITIL CSI certified professionals can create that perfect plan for bettering the ROIs or Return on Investments and Value on Investments (VoIs).

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Some of the objectives of ITIL CSI course are :

The ITIL CSI’s core purpose is to analyse, evaluate, rectify and improvise the following things:

  • Reviewing, analysis and assessment of improvement opportunities seen in multiple levels of the ITIL training.
  • Analysis, assessment, identification and implementation of techniques that will help in bettering the efficiency and effectiveness of the service management.
  • Recommending specific essential techniques that will help in improvising the quality of the service, at the same time, suggest practical ways to enhance the cost effectiveness without compromising on the quality.
  • Suggestions of specific tested and implemented techniques and strategies that will support and strengthen the CSI activities.

ITIL CSI Online Training Schedule:

Insights about ITIL CSI Certification Training

The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is a process that gets assisted quality management methods to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT processes and services, in line with the concept of continual improvement.

Working professionals in the field of IT Service Management can look forward to the ITIL CSI certification. The professionals could be any of the given below designations.

  • IT operations Engineers, Quality professionals
  • IT Managers and Service desk professionals
  • System Administrators/Analysts
  • Service Delivery Professionals
  • Other professional related to IT service management at strategy level

In any organization, whether engaged in product business or service, learning about the concepts, processes, policies and the methods that will help in the improvement of the service will have significant advantages for the organization. When candidates are taking the ITIL CSI Course, via the lecture, simulated training and scenario-based exam, they will be learning the following things.

  • The values in the service management, their principles and purpose/objective of the course.
  • The interaction of the CSI processes with other service lifecycle processes.
  • The exact processing, activities, methods and the functions that will be driving the CSI processes.
  • The specific ways to measure the CSI performances.
  • Specific technology and implementation requirements that will support the CSI program.
  • The course will also acquaint the candidates with the challenges and key performance indicators, along with critical success factors and other respective risks that are associated with the CSI program.
The pre-requisites for ITIL intermediate CSI certification is ITIL foundation certificate and also a minimum of 24 contact hours of instruction for the syllabus from an accredited training organisation

Improving the Competency Skill Set

The present job market has been beset in difficulties. Significant risks have been posed by an unregulated demand and supply paradigm. The ITIL CSI course can narrow down the gap between extreme competency level and the supply of the best resources. As the ITIL courses are broken into specific levels and upon completing each level, the candidates are upgrading and equipping themselves to adjust as per the disruptive IT transformations.

Better Paying Jobs

The ITIL CSI course is worth the investment that you are planning to make. Meaning, these courses will equip the candidates to adjust as per the varying changes in the IT domain. When they are blending truly as per the market forces, their face-value or the benefit that they can bring for their organization increases significantly. As a result, they end up being the valuable asset of the organization. Thus, corporates are paying them well to keep them onboard.

Preparing for The Next Gen Transformation

As the IT realm has been changing significantly, new and improved versions and software systems are evolving. ITIL courses equip the candidates to understand those changes and adapt accordingly to take right decisions at the right time. Thus, organizations are always after those resources that are highly competent and they contribute directly towards the growth and expansion of the enterprise.

This is a closed book 90 minutes multiple choice exam which comprises of 8 questions. Succesful completion of this course demands a minimum score of 70%.
Upgrade My Skill (UMS) offers you to deliver the requisite quality and efficiency by its globally recognized ITIL CSI training and certification courses which enable individuals and companies to formulate the project in an efficient way. You furthermore have the selection of taking our online trainer led classroom or one to one ITIL CSI Training Course at your very own convenience.

a) Public (Open Enrollment):

Live Classroom: On specific dates throughout the year, conveniently located in hotels in major cities across the country with our expert instructor.

Web-Based: On specific dates throughout the year; hosted live online with our expert instructor.

b) In-House (On-Site Class Room Training):

Live Classroom: On dates convenient to you; exclusively for your team at your location with our expert instructor.

Web-Based: On dates convenient to you; exclusively for your team; hosted live online with our expert instructor.

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Syllabus of ITIL CSI Certification Training

This chapter covers the basics of ITIL as well as theoretical concepts about the Service Life Cycle in order to get you up to speed on the basic framework of ITIL designing process.
This intermediate chapter covers the basic fundamental concepts of Service Design. It also talks about the process of Design Coordination and also about the entire process of Management of Service Level, the process of the Management of Service Catalog, the Availability Management process, the process pf Capacity Management, The Process of Information Security, The IT Service Continuity Management, The process of Supplier Management. This makes the students have a firm grip on the conceptual backing behind Service Design, which is arguably one of the most important components of any ITIL based service framework.
This chapter covers the fundamental concepts of Service Operation, the process of Event Management, The Incident Management Process, the Problem Management Process, the Request Fulfilment process, the Access Management process in order to educate you about the fundamentals of Service Operation as a whole, in order to be able to use these concepts in the framework required to generate various Service Operation Functions that will come in handy to the industry.
This chapter covers the fundamental concepts of service strategy. It also talks about the process of Financial Management, The Demand Management Process, The Service Portfolio Management Process, The Business Relationship Management Process.
This chapter goes into the fundamental concepts of Service Transition. It talks about the Transition Planning and Support Process, the process and background of Change Management as a whole, the Service Asset and Configuration Management process, the processes of Release and Deployment Management, The Knowledge Management process. This ensures that the students are completely aware about the whole background of Service Transition, which is a critical component to the functioning of ITIL based frameworks in any scenario.
This chapter covers the fundamental concepts of continual service improvement and also the CSI Principles that are critical to any feedback loop that is essential to a properly functioning ITIL based framework. The concept of continual service improvement strives to make it so that just delivering the service is not enough it must be constantly made better in order to keep up with the industry and also keep customer satisfaction at an all time high, so that the customers do not feel the need to shift their service providers at any point in time.
This advanced chapter covers the Service Desk Function, the function of Technical Management, the IT Operations Management function, the Application Management Function and related concepts in order to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in the domain of Service Operation Functions.
This chapter covers the miscellaneous parts that may be helpful to the students but not really a fundamental part of the syllabus. One such part is syllabus mapping which helps students structure the course work into easily doable chunks in order to reduce backlog and also ensure that each and every student is able to learn effectively in an environment that is conducive to knowledge gaining and sharing.

You can Download Detailed Course Syllabus here!

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